Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Does Huck Think We Are All Stupid?

Mike Huckabee has decided to run a positive campaign, and to prove it, he will show you negative ads that he could be running if he wasn't going to run a positive campaign.

Monday afternoon the Huckster had a press conference scheduled to unveil his newest attack ad. Apparently, so he claims, he had a change of heart and decided that "Enough is Enough" (so said the banner behind him) and that the people of Iowa deserved a clean campaign. So, in a room full of press, as well as anti-Romney signs, Huck decided to prove his new found desire to run a clean campaign by showing the press the attack ad that he would run if he wasn't running his clean campaign. To drive the point home to the press, he reminded them that this was the only chance to see it, ensuring that not only would they take notes - but would give his secret lots and lots of free press.

Tactics like this are not uncommon among politicians. However, Huck, who would have us believe that he has a weekly conference call with Jesus, mentions Christianity and his Cristian credentials more than Rudy mentions 9/11 or John Kerry mentioned his 3 Purple Hearts. As such, shouldn't we expect him to demonstrate more integrity than the average politician? Tell us Rev. Huckabee, would Jesus do the same if He was running?

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