Thursday, January 3, 2008

Westboro Baptist Church Supports Gay Marriage - Kinda....

From Margie Phelps' Blog:

"The fags are 100% right when they ask what business you so-called Christians have telling them they can’t marry – and thereby pervert the institution of marriage as God established it (one man, one woman, one life) – when you do the same yourselves every single day! How many of you columnists for The Conservative Voice are divorced-and-remarried? How many of the false prophets in the whore houses posing as churches are divorced-and-remarried? You know the answer is LOTS!"

So I guess it's not quite a ringing endorsement, but she does make a valid point about hypocrisies in the fundamentalist community - with all the colorful language we would expect from a Phelps piece...

As the Good As You blog points out regarding Margie's Blog, "How can we say both 'Thanks for sticking up for us by calling out hypocrisy!' and 'Holy mother of divine insanity, how does your heart not collapse under the weight of such hate?' in the same breath?"

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