Monday, August 27, 2007

Are All The Anti-Gay Republicans Gay?

In what is becoming a common occurrence, another Republican political type has been caught in a public gay sex sting. First it was the Rev. Ted Haggard, then Florida state Rep. Bob Allen, and now, its U.S. Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, who was arrested for, and plead guilty to, disorderly conduct arising from an attempt to solicit sexual activities from an undercover officer in a restroom at the Minneapolis Airport.

This is not the first time Sen. Craig has been involved in a gay scandal. In 1982, then Rep. Craig was part of an investigation into cocaine use and sex with male congressional pages, as evidenced by the video below:

In 2006, shortly before election day, Sen. Craig was also "outted" on BlogActive by gay activist Mike Rogers, who says he has interviewed more than one man claiming to have had sexual relations with Sen. Craig.

Despite pleading guilty to the charges in this case, Sen. Craig is claiming he is innocent and was just trying to handle the matter "quickly and expeditiously."

Why does this matter? Well, first of all, no one, especially members of the United States Congress should be trying to find sex in public restrooms. It also matters because Sen. Craig has consistently voted against gays. He has voted, twice, for the Federal Marriage Amendment, he voted for DOMA, he voted against hate crimes legislation protecting gays, as well as legislation preventing employment discrimination against gays.

Sen. Craig may have thought that by voting against gay issues every chance he got, he could somehow dodge the consequences of his actions. However, no matter how much he tries, he can no longer dodge the truth. It is time for him to stop being a hypocrite. If he cannot face the truth, and admit it to his constituents, then he needs to resign his position.


Republicans are distancing themselves from Sen. Craig faster than he can protest that he isn't gay. In the last couple of days the Romney campaign has tried to distance itself, and so called "pro-family" groups are calling for his resignation.

"I think it reminds us of the fact that people who are elected to public office continue to disappoint, and they somehow think that if they vote the right way on issues of significance or they can speak a good game, that we'll just forgive and forget," said Mitt Romney.

Brian Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance said, "The senator does need to be given an opportunity to thoroughly share his side of the story, but it appears, from I think an objective standpoint, that he is guilty of the things that he is accused of. And if that's the case, then I believe the senator needs to step down from public office."

LGBT people have plenty of reason to be angry with Sen. Craig. He betrayed his people every time he voted against basic fairness and equal rights for the LGBT community. Why is Romney and the Idaho Values Alliance attacking him? Because he is gay, plain and simple. This isn't about policy to them, because Craig has always voted they way they want, and is likely to in the future.

One of the comments posted on MySpace on this blog was a rehash of the "gays are dysfunctional" line of bullshit that I have been refuting on my Gay Marriage blog. There is a dysfunction here, but it is not what Astrochronic thinks. The dysfunction is with society. The dysfunction is the manic obsession of the religious right to persecute the gay community. The dysfunction is with a society that judges the content of a person's character based solely on their sexual orientation. The dysfunction is with a society that will not allow people to serve if they are different.

While Sen. Craig did break the law, a misdemeanor, many other Senators have done much, much worse and have been treated much, much more kindly by their colleagues. The Larry Craig that today is the subject of attacks coming from the right today is the exact same Larry Craig that, two weeks ago, was a darling of the religious right. The only thing that is different is that now they know he is gay. "For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God," says the Bible. Yet, in the twisted world that is fundamentalism, being gay is the one sin that is unpardonable.

To Sen. Craig I say this: You have done great wrongs to the gay community. However, it is not too late to make amends. Come out, admit who you are, and stand up to the hate and bigotry of the fundamentalist right. You have been their whipping boy for far too long.

***More Updates***

This story is turning into a national joke. A few days ago Sen. Craig announced his intention to resign as of Sept. 30, effectively ending the story, or so we thought...

But we may be wrong. Craig's people are saying that he might not resign now. Seriously, what the hell? Can this guy make up his mind? You plead guilty but then plead innocent. You say you are leaving, but then start this coy little wait and see game? Did someone give him John Kerry's copy of Flip-Flopping for Dummies?

Mr. Craig, you are just embarrassing yourself and the Republican Party. Do the nation a favor, pack your desk and go home. NOW!

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