Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not so fast...

Kevin McCullough had an interesting piece posted today, 8/19/07, on entitled "Radical Gay Activist: 'We Lose'" The premise of Mr. McCollough's piece was that, since bisexuals are, well, bisexual, and therefore are attracted to both genders, that being gay is therefore a choice. Based on this lapse of logic, he then goes on to claim that, being he has exposed, if you will, that gays choose to be gay, that he has therefore won the entire gay rights debate, and demonstrated that being gay relationships are on par with adultery, incest and pedophilia.

Why does this matter? Simple. Fundamentalist Christians see, literally, everything in black and white. You are either right or wrong, righteous or evil, straight or pervert, normal or flawed. It is this black and white thinking that makes it difficult for them to grasp the concept of diverse human sexuality (similar to how the church was unable to grasp the concept of a round earth a few hundred years ago). If sexuality is something you choose, they reason, then you are simply a freak for choosing something other than being straight, and, therefore, they are morally justified in their persecution. If it is a psychological disorder - an idea that is rejected by all reputable psychologists, psychiatrists and the APA - then they are still justified, in their minds, to persecute because gays can choose to get cured. If, however, sexuality isn't a choice or a disorder - if it is an individual trait like hair color, eye color, or height - then they will have a harder time convincing the flock to oppose rights for sexual minorities.

At the same time they are declaring homosexuality to be a choice, the fundamentalists are running "camps" and "counseling" programs to "cure" people of homosexuality. Despite the fundamental rejection, and warnings of potential damage, of this type of "therapy" by the field of psychology, fundamentalists persist in their modern day inquisition. While fundamentalists tout success, the recidivism rate, even among their leadership, shows this to be a sham.

The notion of being gay being a choice would be laughable if it were not so tragic. No other minority group in this nation faces the prospect of losing friends and being rejected by family for being who they are. Gays are the only minority group in America it is fashionable to hate. Gays can be fired from their job and evicted from their homes just for being gay. Gay teens are two to three times more likely to attempt suicide than straight teens. Yeah, its an attractive proposition, isn't it?

Of course, the only person who truly knows what goes on in a person's mind is that person. Ask any gay person if they chose to be gay, and the answer will be no. Gay people are just gay, we didn't choose to be gay any more than fundamentalists choose to be straight. However, fundamentalists seem to reason that, since gays are perverts, they must be liars as well. Since they compare gays to pedophiles and persons who commit bestiality and incest, I guess liar is more of a compliment. Despite the protests of the fundamentalists, gay people are who we are, and we have the right to be who we are. We should not have to hide to satisfy a group who hates in the name of God.

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