Saturday, August 4, 2007

Obama, please get a clue, and until then, shut the fuck up...

I just don't get what people see in this guy. In the last couple of weeks he has declared that as President he would sit down with American enemies like Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Hugo Chavez, and then he talked about bombing Pakistan, an American ally. Seriously, what is this dipshit smoking?

Diplomacy is not only knowing what to say and do, but also knowing what not to say and do. Each and every comment must be analyzed for its impact not only on the target audience, but also for its impact the the world at large. The President of the United States is, by far, the most powerful and influential person in the world. What message does it send if, by some chance, Obama gets elected, and rewards the world's leading dictators with a private audience?

Of even more concern is the effect of his comments on Pakistan. Pakistan is the only muslim nation in the world to possess nuclear weapons. To make matters worse, the American friendly government of Pakistan is not exactly stable and is having its own issues with islamic radicals. Obama's comments do nothing but play into the hands of the Pakistani government's enemies and forces the Pakistani President to distance himself from the U.S. Government - making it that much harder for us to track terrorists who may be in Pakistan.

I realize that this is the primary season, which means that the candidates must play to the kook fringe in their respective party, but, for the love of God, does the radical left really think that kissing Iran's ass and practically handing Bin Laden nukes is a good idea?

While I am ragging on Obama today, because he set himself up as idiot of the week (second place goes to the Republican candidate who stated in front of cameras that he would bomb Mecca), I am really disheartened by our choices this year. Looking at both parties candidates one has to wonder, in a nation of almost 300 million people, do we have no statesmen left? Is this really the best we can do?

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